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​Brad here! 


I genuinely care about helping people, and entrepreneurs especially, to gain freedom in life. When I started, this was my driving force. 

In business, that freedom comes from hard work, creating great systems, and employing great people. This program helps you embody the right attitude, so you can take the right actions, towards the right vision using your painting company as a vehicle. My coaching style will help you find all the answers you need within yourself.

I started as a painter, went on to manage job sites, became a painting franchise manager, became a founding investor in a national franchise, and I have now developed into a coach and leader of people. I am personal with my clients and direct, with a focus on personal growth, life balance, systems and structure, and goal setting and accountability. Working with me you will be pushed to expand as a leader and dream bigger.

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Colour Craft Painting Academy

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In 2014 in signed on as the first franchise investor with a small group of entrepreneurs to help in building a new home service brand from scratch.


I spend 6 years building all the fundamental base operating systems and standards. 

What I learned in my time building is that service is about how people feel throughout the whole process. It's not just an end product. Having a brand you enjoy is a part of that experience. The Journey taught me many valuable lessons about the grit of building a brand and a structure that lasts in the home service industry.

Building a well structured business in the home industry also gave me the freedom to travel the world rock climbing, which is one of my passions. Now coming back to my roots in he painting industry, I am here to help you build your painting company alongside me as I build my own personal franchise and brand. You can check us out at

If you feel our program could be a fit for you, schedule a time below and I'll take you through a powerful complimentary coaching session


Colour Craft Painting Academy is ultimately about freedom and life balance as we build something that can serve the community and last a life time. Our aim is to strike the perfect balance between profit, 100's of high end paint jobs in our communities, happy employees who are growing in their craft, and founders like you and me.


As we develop and grown, we have a purpose and 10 principles to guide and support us

THE PURPOSE - Together realizing our potential and actualizing our dreams =

1. Client Success is our Success

    As you grow, I grow. As you earn I earn

2. Play the Long Game

    Make short term sacrifices for long term success

3. Incremental Improvement & Continuous Training

    Education for a life time.  A little better each day

4. Keep it Simple and Do More with Less

    Lean productive fixed costs and "A" Players

5. Extreme Ownership

    Own what you are responsible for delivering 

6. Empower Leaders 

    Develop Leaders, Give them tools, Let them work

7. Embrace the Journey

    Business is a process, not a destination

.8. Radical Transparency 

     Be honest and transparent, even if it hurts.

9. Deliver Results 

    Run business by the numbers. Track Key Inputs

10. Think Big

    Small thinking self fulfills. Inspire with Big and Bold

Colour Craft Painting Academy

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