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Feature wall Murals

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What is a feature wall? A feature wall is used to highlight the room's existing focal point, and give it character. Any home decorator would advise this. A feature wall has long been a great technique to highlight one specific wall in the bed room or a living room in a home.


At Colour Craft we make Feature Walls extra unique by providing custom made art to suit your style and space.


We work in partnership with local Artists, who are masters of their craft, that bring colour, playfulness, and beautiful aesthetics to homes throughout greater Vancouver, and Sea to Sky areas.  

Our Recommendation  

  • Children's Bedrooms

  • Bathrooms

  • Living Rooms

  • Any single wall to impress visitors!


Alysha Megan Faulder

Alysha is a multidisciplinary artist living in Squamish BC. She is a self taught artist who has had a love for art since she was very young. Her eye for great detail and shading colours is what helps bring her creative visions to life.

With all of the chaos that's going on in the World, . By deepening her practices through art, food and dance she's realized the importance of living from a place of love and creating from her heart.


To this day you can find her creating magic in her community by hosting ecstatic dances in the park and helping brighten up people's homes by painting professional feature wall murals that are filled with fun colours and playful expressions.




Always evolving as an artist, Gin likes to explore beautiful sceneries, spirituality and the unseen realms through her artwork. She loves the challenge of translating the vision she holds in her

mind to a visual form that can be shared. Originally from Edmonton. AB, Gin found herself yearning for the mountains and the ocean and moved to the west coast in 2012. She is an all around nature lover, always in awe of mother earth’s paintbrush. Time spent in the lush rainforests and mountain tops is her therapy and art is her meditation.


She has participated in the culture crawl from 2017-2019 selling her artwork on canvases. She has now moved on to bigger things, murals! She enjoys collaborating with others to bring their  vision to life. Whether it be for a baby’s room or an adult wanting to bring more colour into their lives, Gin brings creativity, passion and play with a touch of perfectionism.

Canucks vs Sharks

Children's Unicorn!

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