House Washing

Once you have a new paint job applied, it is important to protect the finish against the elements (dirt, mold, mildew) once every year or two. House washing is part of your general maintenance when caring for your paint job and keeping your home looking vibrant. 

Soft Washing

For homes that are more delicate such as vinyl and certain types of wood we use a technique called soft washing to complete the work. Soft washing utilizes low pressure water that sprays out of our water-Fed Pole Brushes. Essentially, we scrub the house in sections and then rinse the siding down. This is a much less aggressive method for washing the house, suitable for softer more delicate siding. Especially is the house is not being painted, soft washing can be a good method for your house cleaning.

Pressure Washing

For homes that being painted or homes that have surfaces like stucco, concrete or hardy board, pressure washing is generally more suitable. Our team will assess the particular needs of your home while we are on site. If you are painting with us, the power washing of the house is already built into your house painting proposal. This is part f the preparation section prior to painting your house.   

Exterior  House Washing 

✓ Stucco Siding

✓ Hardy Board Siding


✓ Vinyl Siding


✓ Brick, Stone & Concrete


✓ Wood Siding


House Washing

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