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If you are looking to join a team that celebrates having fun, delivering world class service to clients, and learning to create opportunity for self and others in life, give us a call to chat!

Working with Colour Craft is about more than just becoming a professional painter and serving our clients at the highest standard, we are a values and mission based culture that prioritizes personal and professional growth. Our intention is to become well rounded high performance individuals so that we can deliver on what we promise to ourselves and others in our community.

Positions Available


Come join our team.  We are an ambitious group of adventurers who love the rewards of delivering an outstanding service experience for our clients here in the mountains of BC. Come spend the spring & summer outside in the fresh air bringing colour to the homes within your community. 

Job Site Manager (JSM)

Grow your leadership skills as a Job Site Manager! The Job Site Manager is our front line rock star who holds the standards we believe in. This is the person who leads by example, drives productivity, provides guidance for the crew, tracks progress, and delivers results, making sure everyone wins. 

This role is very rewarding, and it is the beginning pillar for a life of leadership and management. 

Sales Representative

You are the front line sales machine that drives the bookings engine in our company.


Learn to sell $1,000,000+ per year. 


Develop confidence, communication skills, precision and tenacity as a sales professional!  We teach you the grass roots of sales systems, enrolment, building relationship, writing detailed contracts, and closing large contracts. Come learn what it really takes to build a company. 

Operations Manager

Do you love, managing teams, delivering outstanding quality, organizational systems, and teaching the art of productivity. That's what this role is all about. Learn how to get things done in life, and anything becomes possible.  This job is about performance mindset, team building and empowering others through your leadership and organization. Apply now! You will be recruiting & leading teams throughout the lower mainland.

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