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our guaRAntee


We stand by our work with a two year written warranty*. Our warranty covers all labour and materials necessary to fix any possible problems that may arise. 


We also provide:


  • Full worker's compensation coverage for everyone on our team

  • 3 million liability insurance to protect your home. 

    **We can send you a copy for both upon request**

We use industry leading paints, stains, primers and other products for maximum durability. Our intention is to get it right the first time and save you money long term. We ensure the best possible products are used for all projects. 


If you have a warranty claim for a painting project completed by Colour Craft, please email us at 


Please note that for the warranty to be valid, you must have the following:

  1. Provide a copy of the original contract. The contract must indicate payment was for the full contract price.

  2. Provide evidence of payment in full.

  3. Make the property accessible to perform the warranty work.

*Warranty exclusions will be discussed during your estimate and detailed on the back of your proposals* 

Much Love!

The Colour Craft Team :)

2 Year Full Service Warranty    •     Simple & Easy   •   WCB Workers Compensation

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